Touch International Combines Day and Night Readability

US-based Touch International has expanded its range of display enhancements. The company can now design, develop and build custom dual-mode sunlight-readable LCD units, which also support night vision use.

The custom displays can be up to 19″ and have an operating temperature of -30° – 85°. In night vision mode, these units comply with the MIL-STD-3009 requirements.

TI’s LED backlighting technology is designed to maximise efficiency and minimise power draw. Custom LED driver boards provide an extensive dimming capability for the super-bright LEDs, as well as precision constant current control for the night-vision LEDs.

Analyst Comment

There are many sunlight-readable high-brightness displays, and almost as many night-vision units. We think this is the first time that we’ve seen displays combining the technologies, however. (TA)