Sunlight Readable Displays


Should We End the Resolution Race?

by Steve Sechrist

When Chinese brand OnePlus 7 Pro, launched in May of this year, is new smartphone display was crowned King of the Hill, receiving this top ranking, along with 10 record breaking display performance accolades …

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Vol 24 #27 Product Round Up

by Bob Raikes

Panasonic has said that two displays it showed at ISE (Projectors, Signage and LinkRay at Panasonic) the 55″ (TH-55LFV8) will be available in August and the 49-inch (TH-49LFV8) with the 49-inch (TH-49LFV8) display available …

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Broadband AR Film for Flexible Displays

by Norbert Hildebrand

An international collaboration between the University of Central Florida (CREOL), the National Taiwan University, and the National Dong Hwa University, Taiwan developed a flexible broadband AR film. The new AR film is based on …

Tags:Anti Glare| Mobile Display Monitor| Sunlight Readable Displays| Vol 24 - Issue 24

SunScreen Develops Sunlight Readable Companion Display

by Bob Raikes

SunScreen Display Technologies LLC of Orange County California has an Indiegogo launch that is promoting a sunlight-readable display that can be used to display content from a smartphone, a laptop, a camera viewfinder or …

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Tru-Vu Brings Military Monitors to Public Use

by Tom Allen

Tru-Vu’s new VMMOB-19 Series of daylight-viewable 19″ monitors were originally designed for the US military. They have been tested to withstand extreme heat (85°) and cold (-30°), as well movement across rugged terrain. All …

Tags:Industrial Monitors| Large Display Monitor| Rugged Displays| Sunlight Readable Displays| Vol 23 - Issue 33

Litemax’s First UK Channel Conference: Introducing Innovative Resizing LCD’s and Sunlight Readable Displays for Industrial, Transportation and Retail Applications

by Isaac Oburu

Litemax Electronics, a leader in enabling intelligent vertical market platforms for industrial displays and computing, announced today they will be hosting the company’s first UK channel conference on 16th September 2016, together with their …

Tags:Digital Signage| Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs)| Events| Sunlight Readable Displays| UK (United Kingdom)

Tru-Vu Beats Sunlight

by Tom Allen

US-based industrial monitor supplier Tru-Vu has produced a sunlight-readable display, with a brightness over 1,000 cd/m² and NEMA 4x certification. As well as the stainless steel enclosure being NEMA-rated, the 21.5″ SRMW-21.5R-SS features Tru-Vu’s …

Tags:Industrial Monitors| Large Display Monitor| Sunlight Readable Displays| Vol 23 - Issue 20

RuggON Produces First Passport-Reading Tablet

by Tom Allen

A durable Windows tablet called the PM-311B, prioritising a visible image under direct sunlight, has been introduced by RuggON. With 850 cd/m² of brightness, optical bonding and anti-reflection/anti-fingerprint coatings, RuggON says that the tablet …

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Still A Challenge Left for Display Makers

by Bob Raikes

We’re just at the end of the ISE report so we’ve probably hit our peak workload for the year. We got our quarterly data out before and just after ISE and this weekend we’re …

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Carloudy: An Automotive Head-Up Display

by Arthur Berman

During recent years, head-up displays (HUDs) have become available as an option in some luxury car models. Now, an aftermarket alternative is under development by Cognitive AI Technologies Inc. (Chicago, IL). The device is …

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