Tru-Vu Brings Military Monitors to Public Use

Tru-Vu’s new VMMOB-19 Series of daylight-viewable 19″ monitors were originally designed for the US military. They have been tested to withstand extreme heat (85°) and cold (-30°), as well movement across rugged terrain.

All four of the new monitors feature optical bonding and anti-reflective glass to make them usable in direct sunlight. They are built using steel enclosures and have Tru-Vu’s Tru-Tuff treatment. This includes RTV silicone on all connections and critical components; all wires dressed, tie-wrapped and secured; and Threadlock on all screws. The intent is to provide maximum resistance to shock and vibration. The monitors can be used in various rugged applications, such as marine, surveying and aviation.

The new monitors are the VMMOB-19S, VMMOB-19B, VMMOB-19C and VMMOB-19B-24. They share specs aside from video connections. The VMMOB-19S features VGA, composite and S-Video, as well as a BNC input; the VMMOB-19B and VMMOB-19B-24 have VGA and composite (BNC loop-through), as well as a BNC in/out (VMMOB-19B has a 12V DC power requirement; VMMOB-19B-24 has a 12-24V requirement); and the VMMOB-19C has VGA and DVI-D.

Display resolution is 1280 x 1024, with 450 cd/m² of brightness and a 1,000:1 contrast ratio. Viewing angles are 170°/160° and response time is 5ms. Optionally, Tru-Vu can fit the displays with a touchscreen; a waterproof enclosure; 1,000 cd/m² of brightness; ambient light sensor; and AC or DC power.

Tru-Vu is selling the VMMOB series now; price is on application.