TiVo Releases Survey Figures for Pay-TV and OTT Subscribers

TiVo has released findings from its 2017 subscriber survey of pay-TV and OTT services across the US, Europe and Latin America. The study revealed that respondents watch an average of 4.4 hours of video content each day.

The most notably findings of the 2017 survey revealed that:

  • 25% of consumers who have had pay-TV services for less than 12 months are extremely likely to cord cut or cord shave within the next six months.
  • 50% of pay-TV subscribers in the US and 42% percent in Western Europe have stayed with their current provider for four years or more, compared to 32% in Latin America.
  • Of the 50% of US pay-TV subscribers who have been with their provider for four years or more, 51% are Baby Boomers and 11% are Millennials.
  • In the US and Western Europe, tenured pay-TV subscribers are much more likely to be Baby Boomers instead of Millennials, which is a stark contrast to Latin America where the distribution of age groups is fairly even.
  • 43% of subscribers in Western Europe who have had their pay-TV service for four years or more, subscribe to an OTT service, compared to 49% in the US and 67% in Latin America.

TiVo also found that more than 38% of viewers shut down and turn off their devices altogether when they cannot find something to watch. Half of respondents strongly agree that, for the amount they pay, it should be easier to find what they want to watch. 26% say they would pay more each month for a service that simplified video discovery across all the services they subscribe to.

For subscribers that use the TiVo voice remote and other devices that support voice, the survey revealed that:

  • 60% of respondents who own a voice remote use it frequently or every day.
  • 64% of those who own voice controlled home assistants use them frequently or every day.
  • 59% of those with access to a voice enabled video app use it frequently or every day.
  • 61% of those who own voice controlled wearable devices use the technology frequently or every day.