Tivo Introduces Bolt Vox

We have been writing positive things about TiVo’s voice and natural language programming, so it’s no surprise that the company is announcing a new Bolt Vox DVR which now includes support for voice search. The basic version, due at the end of October, has four tuners and can support OTT as well as terrestrial broadcasts. There are 500GB, 1TB and 3TB models (cable only and with 6 tuners) and the basic version costs $200, the 3TB version $499, and $15 per month for the programme guide service subscription (or $550 for a product lifetime subscription).

The search works across content from a range of sources and can be complex to include, for example, the names of actors.

The box supports UltraHD and HDR via HDR10. There is also a mini box with voice and UltraHD support, that will cost $179.

Users of the existing Bolt that want to adopt voice need to upgrade to the new interface and purchase a voice remote.