Three Tuners in Loewe’s Premium Reference Series

Loewe’s Reference TV line has been refreshed with a new 55″ UltraHD model. Like Loewe’s other TVs, this is a premium set, with an aluminium frame, anti-reflective display and dual front-facing 60W speakers.

The new model is a smart TV, with HDMI (x4, x1 carrying UltraHD at 60fps), component, Scart, VGA and USB (x3, x1 USB 3.0) ports. It also has an HEVC decoder and active 3D.

A 1TB PVR is built into the TV. This can be used to record a programme, while watching two different ones on the TV screen using picture-in-picture mode. Through the Loewe Assist app for Android and iOS, recording can be accomplished while outside the home. Other Loewe TVs in the home can access content on the PVR. The Reference 55″ features DVB-T2/C/C2/S2 tuners.

The ‘Smart2move’ multi-screen features, first announced at IFA 2014 (Display Monitor Vol 21 No 36) are built into Loewe’s new Reference set. Live TV can be ‘sent’ to a tablet PC or smartphone, or vice versa. An integrated Bluetooth module also enables audio streaming from a mobile device to the TV. Loewe’s own operating system (Loewe Assist Media 2015) was also revealed at IFA, and is installed in the unit.

An edge-LED backlight supplies 450 cd/m² of brightness. Response time is 6ms, refresh rate is 200Hz and viewing angles are 178°.

Loewe is selling the TV now, for £3,165 ($4,910) ex VAT. An 85″ will be launched in August and a 75″ later in the year.