THine Electronics Unveils Advanced High-Speed Serial Interface Technology for 4K/8K TVs

THine Electronics unveils new high-speed serial interface technology, “V-by-One HS plus,” which doubles the internal data transmission speed of 4K/8K televisions compared to the current widely-used V-by-One HS standard. This advanced technology enables greater energy efficiency in TVs and displays, while meeting the increasing demands for higher resolution and refresh rates.

Source: THine

With a data transmission rate of 8 Gbps/lane, V-by-One HS plus supports large LCD and OLED televisions with improved resolution and gaming monitors with refresh rates above 120 Hz. The technology also reduces pin counts, footprints of video processors, timing controllers, and internal cables, leading to decreased power consumption. THine will begin offering the “V-by-One HS plus Standard” to its licensees from June 2023, replacing the current de facto standard.

Source: THine
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