Thanks to all….

I’m finalising this issue as we close in on the New Year celebrations. After about a week of family visits and entertaining – I think I’m looking forward to some peace and quiet, although that won’t last long as I fly to CES this weekend and then the year starts with a vengeance. We have run a combined issue of MDM and LDM this week as we had just a “skeleton” staff over the holiday (although a well-padded skeleton!). Part of the reason for running an issue this week is that we will not be publishing next week as it’s just impossible to do this while we are at CES. We plan to keep the Display Daily mail outs going, but Volume 23 Issue 1 will be out on 15th January, with the CES report coming along the week after.

Looking back at the year, as a newsletter it has seen quite a lot of change. As I prepared for CES last year, I was desperately finalising our Display Daily website to replace the Display Central site. In the end, I committed to the change as I thought if we didn’t “go live”, we never would. To begin with, we found some stability and performance problems, but, in general, we’ve beaten those out over the year and, most days, the site is working well. However, no website is ever finished and we have a significant re-design that we had hoped to have done by 1st January. We hit a snag with the software, so we’re not going to make it, I think, but it should look better and be better to navigate.

We’ve also spent a year on a project to speed our newsletter production, but this has been very frustrating. I’m still optimistic that we’ll get the project finished, but with some of the software we have found that a) “standards” have turned out to not be real standards and b) “the functionality of the product may not be as described in the manual”. I am determined to try to complete it. We’ll see!

Anyway, I want to thank all of our readers, subscribers, contributors and production team for support during the year and I look forward to seeing a lot of you next week at CES!