TCL Unveils New TV Lineup with Budget-Friendly S Class and Performance-Oriented Q Class Models

TCL has unveiled its latest TV lineup. The new TVs are divided into two families: the Smart S Class and the QLED Q Class. This is a new approach for TCL in branding conventions with the budget-friendly S Class and higher-performance Q Class meant to provide better value compared to similarly priced sets from competitors like Samsung, LG, and Sony.

Notable among the offerings is the QM8 collection, which includes TCL’s largest Q Class TV to date—a massive 98″ model that promises an exceptional home theater experience. The QM8 series utilizes MiniLED Ultra technology with over 2,300 local dimming zones, delivering impressive picture quality. Other features include the TCL AIPQ Engine Gen3 powered by deep learning AI, built-in subwoofer, Wi-Fi 6 connectivity, and a height-adjustable pedestal stand.

TV ModelSizeTechnologyFeaturesMSRP
TCL Q Class Q655″QLEDHigh Brightness LED Backlight, Motion Rate 240, Game Accelerator 120, Bluetooth, adjustable width feet$499.99
TCL Q Class Q755″QLEDHigh Brightness PRO LED Backlight, Full Array PRO Local Dimming, Native 120Hz panel refresh rate, Motion Rate 480, Game Accelerator 240, Bluetooth, HDR ULTRA, DTS Virtual:X, adjustable reversible feet$749.99
TCL Q Class QM865″QLED + mini-LED ULTRAHigh Brightness ULTRA LED Backlight, Full Array ULTRA Local Dimming, MiniLED Ultra with 2,300+ local dimming zones, AIPQ Engine Gen3 with Deep Learning AI, built-in subwoofer, Wi-Fi 6, height adjustable pedestal stand$1,699.99
98″ (upcoming)$9,999.99
TCL S Class S343″, 50″, 55″, 65″, 75″, 85″LED1080p Full HD, HDR (HDR10, & HLG), PC Monitor capability, Bluetooth headphone pairing, high-speed HDMI inputsStarting at $279.99
TCL S Class S443″, 50″, 55″, 65″, 75″, 85″LED4K Ultra HD, HDR PRO (Dolby Vision, HDR10, & HLG), DTS Virtual:X, Motion Rate 240, Auto Game Mode (ALLM), Bluetooth, high-speed HDMI inputsStarting at $279.99

The Q Class QLED Smart TVs boast Quantum Dot technology with UltraWide Color Gamut, offering rich and lifelike images. The Q6 series features a High Brightness LED Backlight, Motion Rate 240 with MEMC Frame Insertion, and Game Accelerator 120, enhancing motion clarity and gaming performance. The Q7 series adds a High Brightness PRO LED Backlight, Full Array PRO Local Dimming, and a native 120Hz panel refresh rate for a cinematic viewing experience. The flagship QM8 series incorporates mini-LED ULTRA technology for improved contrast and brightness.

The S Class Smart TVs also provide versatility and smart features. The S3 model offers 1080p Full HD resolution and HDR compatibility, while the S4 series offers 4K Ultra HD resolution with HDR PRO. Both series include features like DTS Virtual:X, Motion Rate technology, Auto Game Mode (ALLM), and Bluetooth connectivity.

All of TCL’s new TV models come with popular voice assistants and provide access to a wide range of free, live, and premium television programming through built-in operating systems. TCL plans to launch its own online streaming service in North America this summer, catering to TCL TV and mobile users. TCL’s TVs continue to support both Roku and Google TV, with the S2 shipping with Roku software and the S3 and S4 offering a choice of operating systems. The Q Class exclusively runs on Google TV. To boost brand recognition, TCL has partnered with the NFL and plans to increase its social media presence. The company seeks to expand its market share in the US.