China’s XR Market: A Tale of Two Technologies

by Emory Kale

Reduced consumer interest and decreased investment from major players in VR change market dynamics.

Tags:Augmented Reality| Bytedance| China| Counterpoint| Market Data| smart glasses| sony| TCL| VR| XR

TV Price Wars Heating Up

by Shawnee Blackwood

The stirrings of a price war can be felt if you have your fingers working Amazon’s pages.

Tags:Amazon| Hisense| MiniLED| OLED| QLED| Roku| Samsung| showcase| TCL| TV market

OLED Market for Foldable Phones Poised to Double by 2028

by Shawnee Blackwood

Despite the robust competition from Chinese manufacturers, Samsung Display is predicted to maintain its lead position in the foldable phone market.

Tags:BOE| foldables| Market Data| OLED| Samsung| Smartphones| TCL| UBI Research| Visionox

The Hubris of Premium TV Technology

by Omid Rahmat

Normal people deserve great TVs at great prices. Who is letting them down these days?

Tags:Hisense| LG| QD-MiniLED| Quantum Dots| Samsung| showcase| sony| TCL| TV market

Selling TVs to Future Generations

by Omid Rahmat

Future brand loyalists may not need all your specs but they do need your attention to detail.

Tags:Gen X| Hisense| LG| Samsung| showcase| TCL| TV sales

TCL’s Crowdfunding Strategy

by Omid Rahmat

Is it marketing smarts for smart glasses or a Hail Mary for audiences outside of China?

Tags:Artificial Intelligence (AI)| Augmented Reality| CES 2024| Rayneo| showcase| TCL

CES 2024: What You Don’t Show Matters

by Omid Rahmat

Kicking off the year in Vegas was a success for the trade show, the attendees, and exhibitors, at least on the surface. What it means for 2024 is less certain.

Tags:CES 2024| Hisense| LG| Samsung| showcase| sony| TCL

Waiting Out OLED With MiniLED

by Omid Rahmat

Being a front-runner is exhausting. That’s how OLED may be feeling about right now.

Tags:advanced TV| DSCC| Hisense| LCD| MiniLED| OLED| showcase| TCL