TCL CSOT Unveils Vision for a Better Future at SID Display Week 2023

In our pre-show debriefing with Jun Zhao, chief executive officer of TCL CSOT, we learned how the company is promoting a new era of sustainable digital display solutions at Display Week 2023. Today, on the show floor, visitors will have a chance to see for themselves how the company’s vision encapsulates a fusion of advanced technology and eco-conscious strategies, focusing on reimagining high-tech, energy-efficient display solutions that are equally dedicated to environmental sustainability. This approach is part of the transformation of the digital display industry, particularly in the way digital displays are perceived and utilized, leading to a future where technology and sustainability converge harmoniously.

As we delve deeper into TCL CSOT’s offerings, we encounter a wide range of impressive display solutions across several fields. Be it OLED, MiniLED, MicroLED, or displays intended for specific applications like medical, vehicular, or light field displays, TCL CSOT is building its portfolio of technologies to strengthen its presence and to establish its brand across industries. Among its latest breakthroughs, six key exhibits stands out. With the largest flexible IJP OLED foldable screen, a 47.5-inch pillar-to-pillar automotive display with an AM MiniLED backlight, immersive VR displays, a high-end curved gaming monitor, and an ultra-narrow OLED flexible display, TCL CSOT is working on multiple fronts to showcases its expertise and capacity in providing a diverse range of display technology in the industry.  

TCL CSOT PresentsSizeTechnologyResolution / PPISpecial Features
8K Flexible OLED Display65-inchIGZO TFT backplane, Ink-jet printing OLED7680(H) × RGB × 4320(V)Flexible module, bending radius: < R25mm, bending life: 100,000 times
Curved Pillar-to-Pillar Display  47.5 inchAM MiniLED7,680RGB × 660  In-cell touch sensing, 3136 dimming zones, 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio
MiniLED VR Display2.1-inchMiniLED backlight2,280(H) × RGB × 2,280(V), 1,512 PPILocal dimming tech, contrast ratio: 100,000:1
LTPO-VR realRGB fast-LCD2.1-inchLTPO2,280(H) × RGB × 2,280(V), 1,512 PPIEliminates screen-door effect and vertigo, enhanced transmittance, power consumption improvements
Curved Gaming Display57-inchHVA7,680(H) × RGB × 2,160(V)  1,000R curvature, 32:9 super wide display ratio, 1ms response speed
Ultra-narrow OLED Flexible Display6.7-inchWQ LTPO, AMOLED3,200 × 1,4401,920Hz PWM dimming tech, power consumption 15-20% lower than conventional products, four-sided 0.9mm Array Panel frame

Redefining Entertainment – The Ever-Growing Demand for State-of-the-art Display Technologies

In a world increasingly oriented towards digital entertainment, the demand for state-of-the-art display technologies has surged. TCL CSOT has responded by introducing products like the world’s first 65″ 8K ink-jet printing foldable OLED display. Similarly, the 57.1″ DUHD 240Hz 1,000R Gaming MNT LCD caters to the rising demand for immersive gaming experiences, offering a high-performance, ultra-wide gaming display that engages all senses.

TCL CSOT’s Parade of Advanced Display Solutions

At SID Display Week 2023, TCL CSOT showcased an array of advanced display solutions. Their product line-up ranged from a 1,512PPI LTPO-VR realRGB fast-LCD, designed to enhance the VR experience by eliminating the screen-door effect and vertigo, to a 1,512PPI MiniLED VR Display that effectively combines high brightness, high contrast ratio, and high refresh rate to deliver an immersive visual experience.

Another significant exhibit is the new 47.5-inch ultra-wide curved pillar-to-pillar automotive display: it spans 1.4 meters with an uninterrupted viewing area equipped with in-cell touch sensing for simultaneous use by the driver and front-side passenger. This display incorporates cluster, central control, and passenger entertainment functions. The pillar-to-pillar screen achieves 8K resolution – the highest in the automotive industry – and is illuminated from behind by an AM MiniLED backlight with over 3,000 local dimming zones. A smart algorithmic engine adjusts the brightness of each LED based on the content, enhancing contrast and user experience while reducing energy consumption.

TCL CSOT Unveils a Series of World-First Display Technologies

TCL CSOT is unveiling the world’s first 65-inch 8K inkjet-printed flexible OLED display. This screen stands out as the largest flexible OLED foldable screen created using ink-jet printing technology, delivering the highest resolution. The screen employs IGZO TFT backplane technology and a 120Hz driving system, which, in combination with ultra-precision inkjet printing technology, enables a smooth display of 33 million ultra-high pixels on every frame. With the use of advanced proprietary technologies, it has surmounted the challenges associated with large-size flexible display manufacturing, achieving a bending radius of less than R25mm and a bending life of up to 100,000 times. This novel display technology has paved the way for integrating this type of display technology into home entertainment and smart home devices, spearheading TCL CSOT’s approach to the future smart living.

Another first for TCL CSOT is the WQ LTPO ultra-narrow AMOLED flexible display which features a four-sided 0.9mm Array Panel frame and a four-sided 1.6mm module frame. It incorporates an O-cut Array Border of 0.3mm and a module border of 0.36mm. Furthermore, it provides a 240Hz touch report rate and employs the latest C7 organic light emitting system developed by TCL CSOT for realistic color representation.

Embracing Green Tech – Pioneering Initiatives for Eco-friendly Display Solutions

In line with global efforts towards a more sustainable future, TCL CSOT is forging ahead with pioneering initiatives in enhancing product efficiency. For instance, the ultra-narrow OLED flexible display screen showcases not just technological prowess but also a commitment to sustainability. With 1,920Hz PWM dimming technology and static frame as low as 1Hz, this innovative display reduces power consumption by 15-20% without compromising on quality or performance.

Prioritizing Eye Health – TCL CSOT’s Innovations for Safer and More Comfortable Screen Time

TCL CSOT is prioritizing eye health by developing innovations aimed at promoting safer and more comfortable screen time. The 57.1″ DUHD Gaming MNT LCD, with its high fog and low reflection features, demonstrates a commitment to protecting user’s eyes. Meanwhile, the 1,512PPI MiniLED VR Display and the 1,512PPI LTPO-VR realRGB fast-LCD offer fast response times and high refresh rates, reducing eye strain and ensuring a smoother, more comfortable viewing experiences.

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