Wireless Charging


Qi Will Maintain Lead in Wireless Power

by Tom Allen

ABI Research expects the Wireless Power Consortium’s Qi specification to remain dominant through 2020. ABI expects 713 million Qi chargers to be shipped by the end of 2020, compared to 213 million Powermat/Rezence chargers …

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Mobiles and Monitors

by Tom Allen

We here at Meko publish two periodicals: Large Display Monitor, for anything larger than a notebook, and Mobile Display Monitor, for notebooks and anything smaller. Aside from these devices, there is little product crossover …

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Samsung’s Wireless Charging Encourages Galaxy Use

by Tom Allen

Samsung appears to have wised up to the fact that most people, on arriving at work, take their smartphone out of their pocket and leave it on the desk. This helps to remain alert …

Tags:Desktop Monitors| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Samsung| Vol 22 - Issue 32| Wireless Charging

‘PoWiFi’ Enables Wireless Charging and Internet Access

by Tom Allen

A prototype Wi-Fi router can be used to charge devices wirelessly. Engineers at Washington University in the USA developed the ‘PoWiFi’ routers and have installed them in six homes. They use a technology called …

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Samsung Takes Steps Towards Ubiquitous Charging

by Tom Allen

To celebrate the launch of the Galaxy S6 in Ireland, Samsung has teamed up with Starcom, Source Out of Home, Delite and Clear Channel, adding wireless charging to five bus shelters around Dublin. The …

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Intel’s Wireless Prototype Uses Skylake

by Tom Allen

Intel has shown a prototype wire-free laptop at its Developer Forum in Shenzen, China. The company has been promoting the concept since summer last year, and is now readying reference designs for licensing. The …

Tags:Intel| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Notebooks| Vol 22 - Issue 16| Wireless Charging| wireless communications

Olio Aims to Halt the Notification Tide

by Tom Allen

Former Apple, HP, NASA and Pixar employees have created the Olio smartwatch. Instead of acting like a wrist-mounted smartphone, the Olio aims to protect wearers from a flood of notifications. The watch aggregates everything …

Tags:Mobile Display Monitor| Smartwatches| Vol 22 - Issue 14| Wireless Charging

Power Transfer Moves Towards Space-Based Energy Harvesting

by Tom Allen

Japan is resource-poor, so for many years has been investing in research for alternative energy sources other than fossil fuels. The latest breakthrough comes from the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), which hopes to …

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Meet the Cuberox

by Arthur Berman

Cuberox (Vancouver, WA and Prague, Czech Republic) is developing a unique device also called Cuberox. Physically, the device is a black cube with a 16 x 16 white LED display on each of its …

Tags:LED| Mobile Display Monitor| Vol 22 - Issue 11| Wireless Charging

Broadcom Looks at 60GHz, Charging & Wearables

by Bob Raikes

Broadcom wearable platform has gone into generation 2Broadcom was mainly talking about radio chips at the show and we started by looking at 60GHz technology. The company told us that it doesn’t expect to …

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Roadmap Shows Intel’s Skylake in Q3

by Tom Allen

Intel’s sixth-generation ‘Skylake’ chips will be launched in August, according to a leaked product roadmap. Both the Skylake-U mobile chip and Skylake-S desktop device are set for a launch in Q3’15. The chips are …

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Park Implies Wireless Charging for S6

by Tom Allen

Seho Park, Samsung’s lead IT and mobile engineer, has written a blog post (http://tinyurl.com/nzvhwbz) on wireless charging – heavily implying that the technology will be a feature of the Galaxy S6. He writes that, …

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