Olio Aims to Halt the Notification Tide

Former Apple, HP, NASA and Pixar employees have created the Olio smartwatch. Instead of acting like a wrist-mounted smartphone, the Olio aims to protect wearers from a flood of notifications. The watch aggregates everything in a series of streams that owners can browse, similar to Twitter. Calls and texts can also be answered, and the virtual assistant only requires ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answers.

The screen is an LCD unit and appears similar to the Moto 360: an almost-circle, with the top sliced off. Wireless charging is also supported. Designer Steven Jacobs said that he aims to make every part of the watch modular, enabling owners to keep up-to-date with changing technology. The Olio will be launched in the summer, and can be pre-ordered now; prices start at $595.