Wireless Charging


Apple Looks to MediaTek for Wireless Charging

by Yvette Raikes

According to China’s Economic Daily News, Apple has asked Mediatek to quote for wireless charging chips for an iPhone case. Creating peripherals, such as cases, for wireless charging would be a new move for …

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Wireless Charging Era Dawns for Mobile

by Steve Sechrist

Yes, smartphones are a major part of our lives, and God knows how we got along without them in the past. But like a new relationship, it’s the unknown baggage that can often sabotage …

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Developments in Wireless Power Transfer Between Mobile Devices

by Arthur Berman

A team within the Bristol Interaction Group at the University of Bristol (Bristol, UK) led by Paul Worgan is developing a novel means to address the issue of limited battery life in mobile devices. …

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Wireless Power Awareness Spiked in 2015

by Tom Allen

Wireless charging awareness is widespread, according to a survey by IHS Markit. 25% of consumers have used the technology on a mobile device, and more than 80% have heard about it. A new report …

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LDM Product Roundup – Vol 23 No 23

by Milos Pavlovic

Asus‘s Designo MX34VQ monitor (Asus is Firmly in Phablets) has a wireless charging pad on the stand, using the Qi standard. Apologies, we missed this when the monitor was announced. BenQ will reveal a …

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Minnesota Vikings and More at Pepcom

by Matthew Brennesholtz

I attended a Pepcom media event in New York on April 7th and saw some of the latest technology. Three things, in particular should be of interest to Display Daily readers. First, the Minnesota …

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Wireless Charging Rumoured for iPhone 7S

by Isaac Oburu

According to reports, Apple is developing a new wireless charging technology that looks set to debut on next year’s iPhone 7S. The new technology could allow iPhones and iPads to be charged anywhere in …

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Wireless Power Continues to Grow

by Tom Allen

Wireless Power remains a topic that many are interested in, and the technology is increasingly spreading. Increasing numbers of smartphones support the Wireless Power Consortium’s (WPC) Qi standard, which is based on inductive technology …

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IDT Teams With Blu Wireless to Unite Wireless Charging and WiGig

by Isaac Oburu

IDT is working with Blu Wireless Technology to combine integrated wireless charging with ultra-fast 60 GHz WiGig® data transmission, a combination that is intended to enable consumers to charge their phones and tablets while …

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The Advent of Wireless Power

by Steve Sechrist

Fresh into our new millennium (umm, that’s the next thousand years) we may finally be on the cusp of cutting the last cord. The power cable that is, at least to our most prevalent …

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