Intel’s Wireless Prototype Uses Skylake

Intel has shown a prototype wire-free laptop at its Developer Forum in Shenzen, China. The company has been promoting the concept since summer last year, and is now readying reference designs for licensing.

The laptop on show used wireless charging and WiDi to transfer content to external displays. Intel SVP Kirk Skaugen referred to the product as “[T]he world’s first PC where you’d never need to connect a wire”. He said that several companies, including Lenovo, are interested in developing wire-free products.

The notebook was a hybrid model, with a detachable screen. It also uses Intel’s upcoming sixth-generation processor platform, code-named Skylake. PCs using Skylake will begin to be shipped in Q2 this year, although completely wire-free devices will take longer to arrive.

Skaugen also hinted that the prototype would support bio-metric authentication, eliminating the need for passwords.