Vol 22 - Issue 34


Apple Issues iPhone Recall

by Tom Allen

Some models of Apple’s iPhone 6+ are being recalled, because of a camera problem. Certain models, ‘primarily’ sold between September 2014 and January 2015, have been found to only be capable of taking blurry …

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Try a Samsung Phone – For a Dollar

by Tom Allen

In a push to further compete with Apple (Samsung Beats Apple to Flagship Punch), Samsung is giving iPhone customers in the USA a chance to ‘test-drive’ its flagship Galaxy S6 Edge, S6 Edge+ or …

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Qualcomm’s DSPs Boost SmartDragon Graphics

by Jon Peddie

Our good friend, Dr. Jon Peddie, got to hear about the next generation Snapdragon 820, launched today. Very high resolution displays and graphics need significant processor power to drive them and this is where …

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Chromebooks Win on Growth in Education

by Tom Allen

It should come as a surprise to no-one that the volume of PCs in schools is surging – but what may be unexpected is that it is Google’s Chromebooks that continue to lead the …

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Canal+ Trials UHD

by Tom Allen

Canal+ has begun to trial an UltraHD TV channel, although it is not yet accessible to consumers. French-language Telesatellite says that the channel has been seen on the Astra 1L satellite. Canal+ is due …

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Reuters: Sharp Resumes Talks With Hon Hai

by Tom Allen

Sources have told Reuters that Sharp is talking to Hon Hai about a potential spin-off of its FPD business. The sources said that the new unit would receive investment from Hon Hai, and possible …

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Smartphones Are Only Bright Spot in Germany

by Tom Allen

The value of the consumer electronics market in Germany fell 2.5% YoY in the first half of 2015, to €12.3 billion, according to the GFU’s Consumer Electronics Market Index (CEMIX). Cemix data is divided …

Tags:Germany| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| PCs| Smartphones| tablets| Vol 22 - Issue 34

Samsung Approaches Toughpad Sizes

by Tom Allen

SamMobile has uncovered information pointing to a large new tablet from Samsung, code-named Tahoe. The SM-T670 is an 18.4″ Android 5.0-based device, with an LCD display, 1920 x 1080 resolution and an octa-core, 64-bit, …

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HP Result 24/08/2015

by Helen Vince

HP has released its third quarter results, recording a 13.2% year on year drop in net profit to $854 million from $985 million in Q3 of the previous year, while turnover declined 8.3% to …

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OSU Produces Cheap, Non-Toxic QDs

by Tom Allen

Advances in quantum dot (QD) manufacturing, by Oregon State University, may lead to a new generation of LED lighting. Researchers on the project say that the light produced could be a soft white, and …

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LG Supplies Automotive Screens to Counter Weak Sales

by Tom Allen

LG Electronics will supply in-vehicle displays to Honda and Porsche, a source has told Reuters. LG Display has already started mass production of the LCD displays for Honda, and will begin work on the …

Tags:Automotive| LG Electronics (LGE)| Mobile Display Monitor| Vol 22 - Issue 34

Q2 Smartphone Growth Was ‘Slowest Since 2013’

by Tom Allen

Worldwide smartphone sales in Q2 rose 13.5% YoY, to 330 million units – the slowest growth recorded since 2013, according to Gartner. While demand for low-cost units continued to drive emerging markets, overall sales …

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