Smartphones Are Only Bright Spot in Germany

The value of the consumer electronics market in Germany fell 2.5% YoY in the first half of 2015, to €12.3 billion, according to the GFU’s Consumer Electronics Market Index (CEMIX).

Cemix data is divided into three sections: Classic CE, Private-Use Telecom Products and Private-Use IT Products. Classic CE was down 9.3%, to €4.3 billion, while private IT declined 12.1%, to €3.5 billion. Private telecom products, however, remained positive; this sector grew 15.4%, to exceed €4.5 billion.

In the Classic CE sector, growth was recorded in accessories (19.3%), camcorders & action cams (15.2%), games consoles (5.4%) and home audio (2.6%). TV sets had around a 16.5% share of the overall market (€1.8 billion), but shipments fell 16.1%, to 3.3 million units. The video (18.7%), STB (14.3%), digital camera (12.7%), automotive multimedia (5.1%) and personal audio (1.5%) markets fell in value terms.

There was significant growth in the Private-use Telecom sector. Smartphone volumes rose 7.1%, to nearly 11.4 million, with revenues growing 17% (to €4.4 billion). There were no increases in the Private-use IT category, however. Declines were recorded in tablet (22.2%), laptop (11.4%) and desktop PC (11.1%) sales.

For the full year of 2015, growth of just under 1% is forecast. There are no major sporting events to boost the market this year.