First thoughts from SID Display Week 2022

by Peter Palomaki

I write this article with exuberance at the end of an exhausting week. I arrived in San Jose for SID Display Week on Saturday night, and since Sunday morning I have not stopped moving, …

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Smartkem & Nanosys Expand on Joint Development

by Bob Raikes

Some weeks ago, QD specialist and microLED developer Nanosys and released the news that it was collaborating with organic TFT developer Smartkem on the development of backplanes for different display technologies. We followed up …

Tags:Microdisplays| MicroLED| Nanosys| OLEDs| Organic TFTs| QD OLEDs

Nanosys Display Show Highlights QD-OLED

by Bob Raikes

What They Say The Nanosys Display Show on YouTube, hosted by Brian Berkeley, spoke to Samsung about the QD-OLED technology that Samsung Display, Dell and Sony showed at CES 2022. Chirag Shah of Samsung …

Tags:Colour (Color)| Nanosys| QD OLEDs| Quantum Dots| Samsung| WOLED (White OLED)

SmartKem and Nanosys Enter into Joint Development Agreement 

by Artem Alekseenko

SmartKem, Inc., a company seeking to reshape the world of electronics with a revolutionary new organic semiconductor platform that enables a new generation of displays, and Nanosys, Inc., the leader in developing and delivering …

Tags:MicroLED| Nanosys

Breakthrough “Air Stable” Quantum Dot Component Enters Mass Production

by Artem Alekseenko

Nangtong Changed New Material Co., Ltd. known as CYD, the leader in diffuser plate technology and Nanosys, Inc., the industry leading supplier of quantum dot and microLED technologies, announced a historic collaboration to bring …

Tags:Collaboration| MicroLED| Nanosys| Quantum Dots

Nanosys xQDEF Gets to MP

by Bob Raikes

What They Say We reported on the Nanosys development of diffuser plates with integrated QDs (xQDEF), replacing the separate components used in QDEF architecture TV sets and monitors up to now. (Nanosys, QDs and …

Tags:Diffusers| Nanosys| Optics| Quantum Dots

Will Nanosys Go Public?

by Peter Palomaki

Perhaps it’s not news to some of you, since our trusted editor Bob pointed out last week that Nanosys has been rumored to be exploring an option to go public via a SPAC. I …

Tags:Investment| Mergers & Acquisitions| Nanosys| Quantum Dots

Nanosys Is in Talks to Go Public Via GigInternational1 SPAC

by Bob Raikes

What They Say Nanosys is planning to go for an IPO via a SPAC, GigInternational1 Inc according to a report by Bloomberg, unconfirmed by either company at press time. Gigainternational1 was set up in …

Tags:Investment| Nanosys

WCG Heavyweights Slug it Out at Display Week

by Bob Raikes

Although Quantum Dots (QDs) often get the headlines on extending colour gamuts, the market reality is that phosphors have often been the materials that have allowed wider colour coverage, usually for reasons of cost. …

Tags:MicroLED| MiniLED| Nanosys| PeLED (Perovskite LED)| Phosphors| SID Display Week 2021| Wide Colour Gamut (WCG)

Quantum Dot Round-up at SID Display Week 2021

by Peter Palomaki

It has come and gone again. Display Week 2021 is in the books, although I continue to pick up a few talks here and there since they are all online for another few months. …

Tags:Mergers & Acquisitions| MicroLED| Nanosys| Phosphors| Quantum Dots| SID Display Week 2021

Nanosys, QDs and Vacuums

by Bob Raikes

Vacuums were much on my mind when I listened to the last couple of talks in the DSCC/SID Business Conference in the TV section, given by Jason Hartlove of quantum dot (QD) developer, Nanosys …

Tags:MiniLED| Nanosys| Quantum Dots| Wide Colour Gamut (WCG)