Nanosys xQDEF Diffuser Plate Quantum Dot Technology Wins Display Component of The Year Award at Display Week 2022

Nanosys, the industry innovator and leading supplier of quantum dot and microLED technologies for advanced displays, today received the 2022 Display Industry Awards Display Component of the Year award for its xQDEF™ Diffuser Plate quantum dot technology from the Society for Information Display (SID).

Nanosys QDEF™ quantum dot technology brings displays to life with perfect color and lifelike luminance. It’s clear that consumers can see the difference. QDEF is one of the fastest-growing technologies in the TV market with more than 60 million displays shipped since 2013 and two out of every three TVs in the premium Advanced TV segment last year.

Now, for the first time, everyday consumers shopping for TVs that cost less than $500 can experience quantum dot picture quality at home. The xQDEF Diffuser Plate simplifies the manufacturing process for TVs, eliminating unnecessary layers and significantly lowering the cost of ownership for quantum dot technology.

“We continue to see a broad range of innovations coming from the display industry,” said Wei Chen, chair of the DIA Committee. “The miniLED backlight technology helps to push the performance of LCDs to a new level for electronic tablets, notebook computers, as well as LCD TVs. Foldable display technology continues its rapid pace of improvement.

“Breakthroughs in display components, such as high-acuity reflective polarizers and air-stable quantum dots, are expected to jump start the growth of high-performance VR displays and expand the usage of quantum dots in TVs, respectively,” he added. “This year’s awards also recognize the enhanced experiences electronic displays bring to cars and the innovative use of LED displays to enable a virtual production environment for movies and television.”

The xQDEF Diffuser Plate is a new type of display component for LCDs that brings together diffuser plate technology with air-stable quantum dots. Developed in partnership with leading diffuser plate manufacturer Nangtong Changed New Material Co., Ltd., known as CYD, the xQDEF Diffuser Plate has been enthusiastically embraced by the display industry with over 1 million units shipped from Tier 1 consumer electronics brands in 2021.

Among the industry’s highest honors, the Display Industry Awards highlight innovations that have advanced the state-of-the-art in display technology, with awards presented in three categories: Displays of the Year, Display Components of the Year, and Display Applications of the Year. The seven winners, divided into three categories, were chosen by a distinguished panel of experts who evaluated the nominees based on degree of technical innovation and commercial significance, as well as potential for positive social impact.

Nanosys will receive the award in conjunction with SID’s annual Display Week, held in San Jose, California, May 8-13, 2022. Visitors to the Display Week show can also see a demonstration of the xQDEF Diffuser Plate at Nanosys booth #426.

About Nanosys, Inc.

Nanosys, Inc. is the leader in developing and delivering quantum dot and microLED technology to the display industry. As of 2021, industry-leading consumer electronics brands have shipped more than 60 million devices in over 750 unique products from tablets to monitors and TVs with Nanosys’ proprietary quantum dot technology. Founded in 2001, the company is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California where it operates the world’s largest quantum dot nanomaterials fab. Nanosys owns or has exclusive license rights to more than 900 issued and pending patents worldwide.

About CYD

CYD (Nantong Changed New Material Co., Ltd) is the global leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing high quality quantum dot diffuser plates and other optical components to the display industry. As of 2021, the company is the first and only company in the world that provides quantum dot diffuser plates in mass production, which has been widely used by leading TV manufacturers such as TCL, Hisense, and Skyworth. Established in November 2016, CYD operates the world’s largest quantum dot diffuser plates manufacturing facility in Nantong, China with 9 production lines in operation and 12 more production lines to be installed soon. CYD currently owns around 100 issued and pending patents worldwide.