Philips’ High-Concept Ambilight Becomes Reality

by Tom Allen

Philips’ press conference, since last year, is divided between three product areas: health, wellbeing and appliances; audio (since the relaunch of the Gibson brand at IFA 2014); and displays. Only the final area is …

Tags:Desktop Monitors| IFA 2015| Large Display Monitor| LCD TVs| Lighting| Mobile Display Monitor| Philips| QD Vision| Quantum Dots| Vol 22 - Issue 36

Pioneer and Mitsubishi Debut No-Blue OLED Panel

by Tom Allen

Mitsubishi Chemical and Pioneer have developed an OLED lighting panel that is almost completely free of blue light. The OLE-P0909-C3S module, which contains the panel, is already shipping. Produced using the wet coat process …

Tags:Blue Light| Large Display Monitor| Lighting| Mitsubishi| Mobile Display Monitor| OLEDs| Vol 22 - Issue 34

OSU Produces Cheap, Non-Toxic QDs

by Tom Allen

Advances in quantum dot (QD) manufacturing, by Oregon State University, may lead to a new generation of LED lighting. Researchers on the project say that the light produced could be a soft white, and …

Tags:Large Display Monitor| LCD Backlights| LED| Lighting| Mobile Display Monitor| Quantum Dots| Vol 22 - Issue 34

OLEDWorks Takes Lighting Grant

by Tom Allen

OLEDWorks has received $500,000 from New York State’s Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), to work on brighter OLED lighting panels. The company was one of 11 to receive funding.

Tags:Large Display Monitor| Lighting| OLEDs| USA| Vol 22 - Issue 32

Pixelligent Claims to Double OLED Light Output

by Tom Allen

Pixelligent, a US-based company, has developed OLED lighting materials using its own light extraction materials. The company says that OLED lighting panels using its materials deliver more than twice the amount of light as …

Tags:Large Display Monitor| Lighting| Materials| Mobile Display Monitor| OLEDs| Vol 22 - Issue 31

Merck VP “Pretty Confident” on Samsung OLED TVs

by Tom Allen

Merck’s OLED unit VP, Udo Heider, is “pretty confident” that Samsung will begin to produce OLED TVs again. Samsung denied rumours that it will take up OLEDs again earlier this year (Samsung Denies OLED …

Tags:Automotive| Large Display Monitor| Lighting| Merck| OLED TVs| Samsung| Vol 22 - Issue 23

OLEDWorks on the Move in OLED Lighting

by Chris Chinnock

The prospects for OLED lighting is getting some serious attention from a company called OLEDWorks (Rochester, NY). They have just announced deals with Corning, Philips and Universal Display to provide new momentum to the …

Tags:Corning| Large Display Monitor| Lighting| OLED Fabs| OLED Materials| Philips| Vol 22 - Issue 19

OLEDWorks to Buy Parts of Philips’ OLED Light Business

by Helen Vince

OLEDWorks has reached an agreement with Philips to buy selected parts of its OLED light source component business. Financial details were not disclosed. Philips will establish a new legal entity and transfer into it …

Tags:Large Display Monitor| Lighting| Mergers & Acquisitions| Mobile Display Monitor| Philips| Vol 22 - Issue 18

Corning Claims 100% OLED Brightness Improvement

by Tom Allen

We hear that Corning is working with OLEDWorks to create OLED lighting panels, using its Willow Glass product. Corning claims that the new OLED panels will be twice as bright as conventional units. The …

Tags:Corning| Glass| Large Display Monitor| Lighting| Mobile Display Monitor| OLEDs| Vol 22 - Issue 16

Fraunhofer Stacks OLEDs for Colour Tunability

by Tom Allen

Fraunhofer COMEDD has developed colour-tunable OLED lighting panels, and showed them off at the recent LOPEC event in Munich, Germany. Photo credit: OLED-InfoColour tunability is the feature most desired by lighting designers after flexibility, …

Tags:Fraunhofer| Germany| Large Display Monitor| Lighting| OLEDs| Vol 22 - Issue 11

UDC Signs Licensing Deal with OLEDWorks

by Helen Vince

Universal Display (UDC) has signed an OLED Technology License Agreement with OLEDWorks, a US-based light engine and panel manufacturing company, granting non-exclusive rights to manufacture and sell phosphorescent OLED lighting products. In return, OLEDWorks …

Tags:Large Display Monitor| Licensing| Lighting| Mobile Display Monitor| OLEDs| UDC| Vol 22 - Issue 09