Pixelligent Claims to Double OLED Light Output

Pixelligent, a US-based company, has developed OLED lighting materials using its own light extraction materials. The company says that OLED lighting panels using its materials deliver more than twice the amount of light as comparable products.

The key ingredient is the Pixclear Zirconia nanocrystal family of high index materials. These can be used as an internal light extraction and smoothing layer.

Pixelligent’s current product line includes two solvent-based and two formulated materials. These are available as samples or in a commercial scale. Prices range from $300 to $500 per 100g.

OLED-Info says that the solvent dispersions contain 50% zirconia and are compatible with ‘many’ polymers, including acrylics, siloxanes and epoxies. Pixclear OPA is a non-functional material, while Pixclear OPM delivers cross-linking capability with acrylates. The two formulated products result in 90% zirconia loading in formulation after UV curing.