Pioneer and Mitsubishi Debut No-Blue OLED Panel

Mitsubishi Chemical and Pioneer have developed an OLED lighting panel that is almost completely free of blue light. The OLE-P0909-C3S module, which contains the panel, is already shipping.

Produced using the wet coat process developed by Mitsubishi and Pioneer, the new panel has a colour temperature of 1,900K (candle light). It emits less than 1% of the blue light given out by the companies’ regular 3,000K OLED panel. Maximum brightness is 3,000 cd/m².

Samples of the new panel began to be shipped on 1st August.

Analyst Comment

Blue light suppresses melatonin production in the brain – the chemical responsible for causing drowsiness. It has been linked to harmful effects on the eye when people use LCD displays (which often feature blue light in their backlights) for extended periods of time. (TA)