Blue Light


Bottom Up, ‘Cinematic’ Chemistry for Blue QDs

by Bob Raikes

Most quantum dot displays use a source of blue light (LEDs in nearly all cases except Samsung Display’s QD-OLED panels) but this means that you have to make the blue light emit from the …

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More on the Samsung/Cynora Deal

by Bob Raikes

Last week, when I wrote about the Samsung purchase of the IP from Cynora, I wrote that at Display Daily, we try not to instantly fire off an article as the time for reflection …

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Innolux to showcase innovative display solutions at Touch Taiwan 2022

by Milos Pavlovic

What They Say Innolux put out a press release that explained what the firm was planning to show at Touch Taiwan, but Digitimes added an item or two to that. Innolux said it would …

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Lordin Files for Blue OLED Material Patent

by Milos Pavlovic

What They Say The Elec reported that a start-up in Korea called Lordin, founded in 2020, has filed a patent for a blue OLED material that is said to have an IQE of 90%. …

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LGD & Eyesafe Push Low Blue Light for OLED

by Bob Raikes

What They Say LG Display and Eyesafe have collaborated on a free to download whitepaper that highlights the advantages of OLED in reducing the level of the blue light that is seen by some …

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Melatonin, Circadian Rhythm and Displays, Part 2: Some Products

by Matthew Brennesholtz

In yesterday’s Display Daily, I discussed some of the science behind blue light, melatonin and circadian rhythm. In today’s DD, I will discuss some of the products display companies have introduced in response to …

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Seeing the Light: Are Displays Creating a Myopic Generation?

by Sri Peruvemba

Most emissive display devices use backlit LCD screens that emit a powerful light—equal to a car headlight before it’s filtered–directly into our eyes. It’s generally accepted that the blue light emitted by phones, tablets, …

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Displays, Eye Health and Blue Light

by Matthew Brennesholtz

There has been a lot of talk about blue light from displays and other LED sources recently. On March 6th, TÜV Rheinland announced an Eyesafe Display “Standard”, an industry guide to improve display users’ …

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Your Display’s Night Mode Could Keep You Awake

by Ken Werner

At first look you might not think an article in the December 16th issue of Current Biology entitled “Cones Support Alignment to an Inconsistent World by Suppressing Mouse Circadian Responses to the Blue Colors …

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