Seoul Semiconductor Unveils Second-Generation LED Technologies at Display Week 2023

Seoul Semiconductor at SID Display Week 2023

Seoul Semiconductor is showcasing the introduction of its MicroLED displays based on its WICOP Pixel technology at Display Week 2023. This technology uses a one-chip design that eliminates the need for wire bonding, packaging, or lenses. WICOP Pixel enables the vertical stacking of three RGB MicroLEDs, allowing for the production of ultra-small chips and uniform color representation. Notably, these microLED displays achieve a brightness of 10,000 nits, surpassing the previous record of 4,000 nits set at ISE 2023, according to the company. Moreover, the WICOP Pixel technology offers superior performance and a wide range of applications for future displays. Its potential applications include virtual production (VP) and automotive interior/exterior displays, in addition to microLED displays.

Seoul Semiconductor is also presenting its low blue light (LBL) display technology this week. This technology focuses on safeguarding users’ eye health by reducing only the blue wavelengths (415 to 455nm) that are known to be harmful. Unlike conventional LBL technologies that employ separate filters causing color distortion and a yellowish screen, Seoul Semiconductor claims its LBL technology achieves blue light reduction without the need for a filter.