Merck VP “Pretty Confident” on Samsung OLED TVs

Merck’s OLED unit VP, Udo Heider, is “pretty confident” that Samsung will begin to produce OLED TVs again. Samsung denied rumours that it will take up OLEDs again earlier this year (Samsung Denies OLED Rumours, Considers G10).

In an interview with the Korea Times, Heider made the prediction based on the falling cost of OLED materials. He also said that Samsung has probably learned lessons from its small OLED displays, which can be applied to larger screens.

Costs, productivity and yield rates are the main issues to be addressed by OLED producers, said Heider. Printing technology (specifically Merck’s, of course!) may be a viable alternative production method to lower costs further.

Heider named the automotive sector as one in which OLED technology could raise its presence. “You can use OLED on the one hand as a light source, and on the other hand as an information display. That’s the future trend in the car industry. So it makes a lot of sense to combine OLED with the car interior”, he said.