Emerging Markets Drive Smartphone Shipments in Q1

by Tom Allen

Smartphone sales in Q1’15 rose 19.3% YoY, to 336 million units, says Gartner. Emerging markets – excluding China – led growth, with the fastest-rising regions named as emerging APAC, Eastern Europe, the Middle East …

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Global Smartphone Shipment Volume to Top 1.5 Billion Units in 2015

by Helen Vince

Shipment value of the Taiwanese communications industry, comprising of wireless and network communications, is estimated at around NT$3.3 trillion (US$108.2 billion) in 2015, up 17.2% compared to 2014, according to MIC (Market Intelligence & …

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Huawei to Raise Japanese Component Orders

by Tom Allen

Huawei will buy up to 30% more components from Japan this year, says the Nikkei newspaper. Last year, Huawei spent ¥208.8 billion ($1.7 billion) on Japanese components.

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Google Looks to China for Nexus Partner

by Tom Allen

A Taiwanese supply chain source has said that several vendors are seeking to become the next partner for Google’s Nexus smartphone lines. These include Lenovo, Xiaomi, Huawei and LG. The source said that, as …

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HTC and Huawei Linked to Everdisplay

by Tom Allen

Sources in Asia claim that HTC and Huawei will adopt Everdisplay’s AMOLED panels in new smartphones to be released this year. Everdisplay currently has a 5″ AMOLED panel, but is also developing 5.5″ and …

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Small Tablet Vendors Gain Ground in Q1 2015, says Strategy Analytics

by Helen Vince

Pockets of growth in the Tablet market was found among smaller vendors like Huawei, TCL-Alcatel, and LG while market leaders Apple and Samsung suffered double-digit shipment declines in Q1 2015, pushing the total market …

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Rumour Points to OLED for Nexus 7

by Tom Allen

A story from Gizmo China claims that Huawei is building Google’s next Nexus phone. According to the rumour, the Nexus 7 (probably) will feature a 5.7″ OLED display from Samsung, with 2560 x 1440 …

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Leak Shows Parallels Between Huawei Phablets

by Tom Allen

A leaked roadmap from Huawei shows that its next phablet could be launched in June. The Mate 8, which appeared on Mobile-dad, is described as having a 6″ display with 2560 x 1440 resolution. …

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Apple iPhone Captures 12% Smartphone Marketshare in China in Q1 2015

by Helen Vince

According to the latest research from Strategy Analytics, China smartphone shipments grew 17 percent annually to reach 110 million units in the first quarter of 2015. Xiaomi maintained first position, but Apple is rapidly …

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Samsung Overtakes Apple for Smartphone Crown

by Tom Allen

With a renewed focus on lower-cost models, Samsung regained the top spot in the global smartphone market in Q1’15, said IDC. Shipment volumes were seasonally down QoQ – a difference exacerbated by Q4’14’s record …

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Huawei Prepares European Rollout

by Tom Allen

Huawei’s stand had an unfinished look about it – explained, we heard, by the ornate false ceiling collapsing the day before the show opened! Other exhibitors, including competitors, pitched in to help resurrect the …

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Cheap Handsets Cause Smartphone Jump in MEA

by Tom Allen

Smartphone shipments rose 83% YoY in the MEA region in 2014. The availability of cheap and dual-SIM models bolstered demand last year, with smartphones taking 41.9% of the region’s mobile phone market, according to …

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