Time for the Tablet Business to Fold

by Omid Rahmat

The tablet market is dead, long live the tablet market? There’s hope for tablets but in any shape for form that is familiar now.

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Samsung and Apple: Carving up the Smartphone Pie

by Omid Rahmat

Are Samsung and Apple leveraging their relationship to lock down the premium smartphone segment? If they get foldables right, probably yes.

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Can You Rely on the iPad to Drive OLED?

by Omid Rahmat

The tablet market showed signs of recovery in Q3’23 after several quarters of decline but not for Apple.

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Huawei Strengthens its Position Against Apple

by Omid Rahmat

LG and Samsung need to accelerate MicroLED development to maintain their edge in the face of encroachments on their core display business opportunities.

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China’s Smartphone Shipments Shrink in Q3’23

by Emory Kale

Honor returned to the top market share position at 18% on shipments of 11.8 million units, benefitting from product and channel strengths.

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AI Bans on China Could Hurt Display Industry

by Omid Rahmat

There is a lot of uncertainty around smartphone and IT product sales even as Chinese companies take advantage to solidify their positions in their home market.

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