Global Tablet Market Returns to Growth in Q1 2024

According to recent data from Canalys, the global tablet market experienced a resurgence in the first quarter of 2024, marking a departure from four consecutive quarters of year-on-year declines. Shipments worldwide saw a modest increase of 1%, totaling 33.7 million units. This bit of good enws is attributed to a revival in consumer spending and the stabilization of global economies.

Source: Canalys

Apple maintained its position as the leading vendor in the market during Q1 2024, shipping 12.0 million iPads and capturing 36% market share. Despite its dominance, Apple experienced a decline of 13.9% compared to the same period in 2023. Samsung followed closely behind, shipping 6.8 million units, a 20.2% market share, but showing a modest growth of 1%.

Huawei retained its third-place position for another consecutive quarter, shipping 2.7 million units and enjoying an impressive annual growth of 70%. This surge in performance was primarily driven by strong demand in its home market of China and across the Asia Pacific region. Lenovo and Amazon claimed the fourth and fifth spots, respectively, with both companies shipping over 2 million tablets each.

Source: Canalys

While Lenovo experienced growth of 12.9%, Amazon faced a decline of 18.2% in shipments compared to Q1 2023. The collective shipments from other vendors amounted to 7.97 million units, contributing to a 23.6% market share and a growth of 19.1%.

The tablet market’s positive trajectory is expected to continue throughout 2024, with further relief anticipated after a challenging 2023. Manufacturers are focusing on driving new use cases, with anticipated updates such as Apple’s upcoming us of OLED screens iPad Pros, and the introduction of new form factors, including foldable designs and eye-wear-free 3D.

VendorQ1 2024 ShipmentsQ1 2024 Market ShareQ1 2023 ShipmentsQ1 2023 Market ShareAnnual Growth
Worldwide tablet shipments (market share and annual growth). (Source: Canalys)