Userful Taps Nvidia GPUs for Performance

by Omid Rahmat

How long before businesses realize that the explosion of data and AI services means their employees are going to need more display real estate to get the full benefits in their productivity?

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Intel’s GPU Market Share Mistakenly Boosted by HPC Sales

by Jon Peddie

Intel announced its win for the Argonne National Laboratory Aurora supercomputer in March 2019 and promised a performance of 1 EFLOPS by 2021. Intel said in mid-2020 that manufacturing issues had delayed the rollout …

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The Definitive Text on the History of the GPU

by Emory Kale

Dr. Jon Peddie has just written a three-volume The History of the GPU, published by Springer, tracing its history, the ecosystem and environment, and new developments in the industry. These are the first and …