Share Multiple Devices With Epson Projectors

by Raverstead

Epson’s new short-throw projector line-up is aimed at education environments. Teachers can use the bundled Moderator device management software and an optional wireless module to connect the projectors with up to 50 devices. Content …

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Product Roundup Vol 21 Issue 48

by Raverstead

A set of portable dome projection displays has been released by Barco. The TD series is available with one, three or five projectors: the F35 and F50 on the single-projector models (TD-135, TD-150); F22 …

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Epson Introduces 4K Laser Phosphor Projector at CEDIA

by Matt Brennesholtz Don't Use

Projectors – Home Entertainment – At the recent CEDIA Expo 2014, September 10 – 13 in Denver, Colorado, Epson introduced two new projector series for home cinema. One series is laser phosphor and the …

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CEDIA Expo 2014 Overview

by Raverstead

Large Displays, Projection – The 2014 edition of CEDIA Expo held September 10-13 at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver CO, USA was a good example of the manner in which consumer electronics products …

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Epson Rolls Out Image Enhancement to Powerlite Models

by Super User

A firmware update to Epson’s Powerlite Pro Cinema projectors has upgraded the image quality on several models. The 6030UB, 4030, 5030UB and 5030UBE now feature Epson’s Detail Enhancement technology. Detail Enhancement is designed to …

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Epson Hails First Portable Projector With QR Code Connectivity

by Super User

Epson has launched what it describes as the first-ever portable business projector to feature QR code connectivity, the EB-W28. The projector displays a QR code that can be used to connect devices such as …

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Epson is Finished With 720p

by Super User

Expanding its home theatre segment, Epson showed off three new 3LCD projectors, and had some interesting news ahead of Cedia 2014. Replacing the TW550 (Display Monitor Vol 18 No 15), the EH-TW570 is brighter …

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Epson Learns From JVC With New Laser Model

by Super User

We were told at IFA that Epson would be launching a very high-end laser projector at CEDIA, and details were made available just before the show began. It turned out that our source had …

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Epson Pushes Moverio First

by Super User

We noted at CES that Epson was putting a lot of emphasis on the Moverio glasses product and at Gitex, the company started by showing us the latest iteration, the BT-200. At the moment, …

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