Epson’s Powerlite 97 Appears in All PMA Channels

PMA Research has announced the top-selling projectors in the USA in September. The company divides the results into three channels: ‘Retail’, ‘Pro AV’ and ‘Distribution (previously PMA tracked by device type rather than channel with ‘pico and personal’, ‘mainstream’ and ‘high end’ categories). The Retail category is made up of data from North American retailers and web resellers; Pro AV from dealers and integrators; and Distribution from AV and IT distributors.

Epson took three of the top five Retail spots, with the VS230 in first, Powerlite 97 in third and EX3220 in fourth. Viewsonic’s PJD5134 came in second and BenQ’s W1070 filled out the top five in fifth place.

A similar result was seen in Pro AV, with Epson’s Powerlite 97, Powerlite 585W and Powerlite 98 in first, third and fourth, respectively. The last two spots were taken by Hitachi’s CP-X2530WN (second) and CP-AW3003 (fifth).

Infocus’ IN114a and IN112a, always popular, led the Distribution category. Epson’s Powerlite 97 appeared again, in third, and the Powerlite X17 in fourth. Boxlight’s Boston X32NST finished in fifth.