New 8K TVs Illegal from 2023 in the EU?

by Bob Raikes

The 8K Association has issued a ‘call for action’ over new TV energy consumption regulations that are due to be implemented in the EU in March and which could mean that new 8K sets …

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DigitalEurope Appoints New Director General

by Alan Spencer

DigitalEurope has announced the appointment of Cecilia Bonefeld-Dahl as Director General of the organisation. She is currently the CEO of Globit and previously held international positions with IBM and Oracle and helped other companies …

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Changes at the Top for Digitaleurope

by Tom Allen

Markus Borchert, of Nokia, has been elected president of Digitaleurope. He replaces Ericsson’s Peter Olson, who has led the organisation for four years. Borchert said, “It’s a privilege to lead an organisation that represents …

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EC Proposes 2020 for 700MHz Switch

by Tom Allen

A proposal from the European Commission (EC) would require EU countries to release the 700MHz spectrum by the 30th June 2020, so that it can be used for mobile broadband and cross-border applications. This …

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TVs Covered by New ITA Agreement?

by Tom Allen

A year since we last reported on it (ITA Talks Collapse, Resume in 2015), the updated ITA Agreement has finally been concluded. Countries covered by the ITAThe ITA Agreement defines tariffs on IT products, …

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Logo UHD Black FInal

Digital Europe Adds to UltraHD Logo Users

by Helen Vince

The UHD logo introduced by Digital Europe at last year’s IFA (Digital Europe Unveils New UHD Logo) is now being carried by 10 of the world’s best known TV brands. Grundig, Loewe, TCL, Technisat …

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Standardisation is the Real Challenge

by Tom Allen

Ofcom is the UK’s communications regulator, and Steve Under is the body’s CTO. He took the opportunity to talk about standards, questioning which is more important: standardisation or differentiation. Standards are very important, as …

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Technical “Fun” and the UltraHD Logo

by Bob Raikes

This has been one of those “techie” weeks, when technology intervened to cause disruption. On Monday morning, the “five minutes” that our power supply needed switching off so that the power company could give …

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Leading TV Brands Sign Up to Ultra High Definition Logo

by Helen Vince

Five of the world’s biggest TV brands have signed up to the UHD logo developed by DIGITALEUROPE, showing that momentum behind the new video standard is gathering pace. LG, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung and Sony …

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Digital Europe Unveils New UHD Logo

by Super User

Digital Europe used IFA 2014 to release a new Ultra HD logo which it says will help consumers differentiate it from the earlier HD standard. In order to use the logo, a device has …

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Digitaleurope Requests Changes to New Regulation

by Super User

Digitaleurope has outlined its concerns over the European Commission’s decision to combine computer monitors and TVs into a single regulation (we understand this is regarding import duty, but have requested clarification – TA). Some …

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