Why Does matter Matter?

by Bob Raikes

We haven’t been covering smart home developments very much on Display Daily, but during CES I saw a number of references to support for ‘Matter’. So I thought I’d investigate to see if it …

Tags:Amazon| Apple| Bluetooth| Comcast| Google| Philips| Smart Home & Home Networks| Smart TV| Voice Input| Wireless

Qualcomm Chips in Samsung’s QLED TVs

by Bob Raikes

Qualcomm said that its QCA9379 is being used in Samsung’s QLED TV product line to support dual-stream Wi-Fi 802.11ac and Bluetooth. Qualcomm said that they are among the first to use the chip. The …

Tags:Bluetooth| Chips| Large Display Monitor| Qualcomm| Vol 24 - Issue 33| Wi-Fi

Bluetooth 5 Boosts Capacity, Speed and Range

by Bob Raikes

The Bluetooth SIG has released details of Bluetooth 5, which is claimed to have eight times the capacity, twice the speed and four times the range of Bluetooth 4.2. Bandwidth goes up to 2 …

Tags:Bluetooth| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Vol 23 - Issue 49

Philips Combines Three Devices in One

by Tom Allen

Philips announced a small ‘3-in-1’ TV back in February and is now preparing to launch the set in Europe. Known as the PFS5231, it can serve as a TV, a computer monitor and a …

Tags:Bluetooth| Large Display Monitor| LCD TVs| Philips| TPV (TP Vision)| Vol 23 - Issue 33

Bluetooth 5.0 Doubles Speed, Quadruples Range

by Tom Allen

The fifth generation of the Bluetooth standard will be released in late 2016/early 2017 – bringing increased range, speed and messaging capacity. The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) says that Bluetooth 5.0 will be …

Tags:Bluetooth| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Vol 23 - Issue 24| wireless communications

WiFi Power Reduced by ‘10,000 Times’

by Tom Allen

A team at the University of Washington (UW) have developed a concept that they call ‘passive WiFi’, which is up to 10,000 times more efficient than today’s wireless standards. It also consumes 1,000 times …

Tags:Bluetooth| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Power Consumption| Vol 23 - Issue 09| Wireless

BrightSign Looks at Social Media and HDR

by Tom Allen

BrightSign had no new media players, but nonetheless had lots to show and talk about. We caught CEO Jeff Hastings, who had obviously been kept very busy – his voice was extremely croaky by …

Tags:Beacons| Bluetooth| Brightsign| HDR - High Dynamic Range| ISE 2016| Large Display Monitor| Media Players| Vol 23 - Issue 06

Mobiles and Monitors

by Tom Allen

We here at Meko publish two periodicals: Large Display Monitor, for anything larger than a notebook, and Mobile Display Monitor, for notebooks and anything smaller. Aside from these devices, there is little product crossover …

Tags:Bluetooth| Desktop Monitors| Eizo| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Samsung| Smartphones| Vol 22 - Issue 33| Wireless Charging

Eizo Upgrades Gaming Features – Adds Bluetooth Adjustment

by Tom Allen

Eizo has announced a new monitor in its ‘Foris’ gaming series. As a model aimed at gamers, the 27″ FS2735 features a high (144Hz) refresh rate, IPS panel and AMD’s Freesync anti-tearing solution. G-Ignition …

Tags:Bluetooth| Desktop Monitors| Display Mounts| Eizo| Game Playing| Large Display Monitor| Variable Frame Rate (VRR)| Vol 22 - Issue 32

Rockchip Slashes WiFi Power Draw

by Tom Allen

Rockchip’s new low-power WiFi product, launched at Computex, is said to cut power consumption of IoT devices by up to 85%. The Rockchip RKi6000 is the company’s new SoC processor technology, with power consumption …

Tags:Bluetooth| Computex 2015| Internet of Things IOT| Mobile Display Monitor| Vol 22 - Issue 23| Wi-Fi| Wireless