Qualcomm Chips in Samsung’s QLED TVs

Qualcomm said that its QCA9379 is being used in Samsung’s QLED TV product line to support dual-stream Wi-Fi 802.11ac and Bluetooth. Qualcomm said that they are among the first to use the chip.

The company highlighted the advantage of using Bluetooth for remote control, avoiding the need for line-of-sight in infrared and supporting the use of voice commands. Qualcomm has a remote control SoC, the CSR102X (which uses Bluetooth mesh technology). The Wi-Fi processor uses multi-user MIMO technology to keep the bandwidth high enough to stream UltraHD TV and uses separate Wi-Fi and Bluetooth aerials.

Analyst Comment

The chip was formally released at IFA last year when it was used with an UltraHD reference platform for STBs. (BR)

Qualcomm CSR102x