Could High Performance Oxide Become the #2 FPD Backplane in Five Years?

by Ian Hendy

The oxide semiconductor has always to my mind been the interesting middle ground in the display industry. But to date, it has been mastered by relatively few players Sharp and LGD come to mind) …

Tags:Backplanes| Large LCD Supply| LTPS TFT| Oxide TFTs| QD OLEDs| Small Medium Panel Supply

Multicolor OLED Microdisplay with Minimum Power Consumption

by Artem Alekseenko

Within the project “Backplane”, funded by the Saxon State Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Transport, scientists from the Fraunhofer Institute for Organic Electronics, Electron Beam and Plasma Technology FEP have succeeded in presenting …

Tags:Backplanes| Germany| Microdisplays| OLEDs

World First: WOLED Display with an a-Si Backplane

by Ian Hendy

Of those things that are accepted wisdoms in the display industry, one of them is that a-Si (the standard backplane for 75% of the display industry) is simply not stable enough to drive AMOLED …

Tags:AMOLED| Backplanes| TFT

LTPO is a Hot Technology – but What Is It?

by Bob Raikes

For some time, I have been looking for a good explanation of the LTPO technology that is increasingly being used in display backplanes. I’m grateful to Ross Young for looking at this as part …

Tags:Backplanes| LTPO TFT| LTPS TFT| OLEDs| Smartphones| Variable Frame Rate (VRR)

Corning Releases New Display Glass “ASTRA”

by Norbert Hildebrand

It has been a few years since Corning announced a new glass type for the display industry, This is changing this year with the announcement of Astra, a new glass type for the LCD …

Tags:Backplanes| Corning| Glass| Materials| Oxide TFTs

Apple May Introduce LTPO TFT Backplanes to Prolong Battery Life

by Andrew Fenn

LTPO, or low-temperature polycrystalline oxide, is a new kind of TFT backplane that Apple may adopt in the iPhone and Apple Watch, according to IHS Markit’s David Hsieh. The company has applied for three …

Tags:Apple| Backplanes| IHS Markit| Mobile Display Monitor| Oxide TFTs| Vol 25 - Issue 33

IHS Finds Oxide More Cost-Efficient Than a-Si

by Tom Allen

IHS has said in a research note that oxide backplanes are the most cost-effective TFT-LCD substrate for tablet PC displays. The firm calculated that the manufacturing cost for a 7″ 1920 x 1080 oxide …

Tags:Backplanes| IHS Markit| Mobile Display Monitor| Oxide TFTs| tablets| Vol 23 - Issue 29

JDI Enters Agreement with SEL

by Tom Allen

Japan Display has announced plans to co-develop a backplane technology called CAAC-IGZO with Semiconductor Energy Laboratory (SEL). ‘Next-generation displays’ are the target market, including OLED displays. According to OLED-Info, SEL’s technology is called C-Axis …

Tags:Backplanes| IGZO| Japan Display Inc (JDI)| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Vol 23 - Issue 19

CN-VOLET AMOLED Will be at SID Display Week

by Tom Allen

CN-VOLET structure diagram. Image: OLED-InfoThe University of Florida developed an organic TFT (OTFT) backplane technology back in 2011, which is especially well-suited for OLED panels. The technology is called carbon nanotube vertical organic light-emitting …

Tags:AMOLED| Backplanes| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| OLETs (Organic Light Emitting Transistors)| Vol 23 - Issue 15

Process Flow and Display Backplane Evolution

by Steve Sechrist

Chances are you missed the Recent SID Webinar on display backplane evolution given by SID Fellow Dr. John Wager, professor at the school of EECS, Oregon State University. Wager said important to the evolution …

Tags:Backplanes| Electron Mobility & Transport| IGZO| LTPS TFT| Vol 23 - Issue 09

CBrite Looks for LTPS/IGZO Alternative (IC8)

by Bob Raikes

Boo Nilsson is from CBrite which develops new backplane technologies. The company is based in Santa Barbara and has offices in Taiwan and China. The company has technology that is competitive with IGZO and …

Tags:Amorphous TFT| Backplanes| Flexible Displays| Large Display Monitor| LTPS TFT| Mobile Display Monitor| Oxide TFTs| SID Display Week 2015| Vol 22 - Issue 24