CN-VOLET AMOLED Will be at SID Display Week

CN-VOLET structure diagram. Image: OLED-InfoThe University of Florida developed an organic TFT (OTFT) backplane technology back in 2011, which is especially well-suited for OLED panels. The technology is called carbon nanotube vertical organic light-emitting transistor, or CN-VOLET.

At SID 2016 (24th – 26th May), researchers from UFL and the University of Seoul will jointly demonstrate the world’s first AMOLED display panel using a CN-VOLET backplane, from UFL spin-off nVerPix. It will be a 2.5″ monochrome display, with 320 x 240 resolution.

According to the researchers, use of the technology can reduce the pixel circuit of an AMOLED display to two components: the switching transistor and the CN-VOLET. A high (70%) aperture is thus enabled, and manufacturing is simplified.