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The Cheese of 3D Laptop Displays

by Omid Rahmat

Laptops are workhorses and not ergonomic to begin with so why make them less comfortable?

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Metavista3D Launches AI-Enhanced 3D Display

by Artem Alekseenko

Metavista3D, a research and development company specializing in pseudo-holographic display technologies, has announced the launch of an AI-enhanced 3D display. The company’s Super-Multiview (SMV) technology generates thousands of perspectives in real time, delivering clear …

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Sony Displays Once Ruled by Design

by Omid Rahmat

The tl;dr version: I got my first introductions to 3D graphics working on Sony displays for PC CADCAM. They were expensive, but a bit like Apple today, having one was a status symbol of …

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Glasses-free Displays at CES

by Chris Chinnock

We met with four companies at CES: Vision Engineering, Creal 3D, Dimenco and StreamTV. StreamTV had a very good location right in central hall next to the LG Electronics booth. They were highlighting their …

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Eizo Surgical Monitor Supports Passive S3D

by Bob Raikes

Eizo has a new monitor in its CuratOR range for surgical use. The EX3141-3D is a 31.1″ UltraHD IPS monitor with 450 cd/m² of output and supports 3D operation for use in 3D endoscopy. …

Tags:3D display| Eizo| Large Display Monitor| Medical| Vol 25 - Issue 40

The Looking Glass Lightfield / Volumetric Monitor

by Arthur Berman

The Looking Glass monitor combines lightfield and volumetric technologies within a single new type of display. Multiple viewers can see and interact with the virtual 3D imagery without the need for glasses or a …

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3D Display Round up

by Chris Chinnock

Coretronics was in the i-Zone with a near-to-eye light field display. The idea is to create a multi-focal plane display to avoid conflicts with vergence and accommodation. This approach can also use a microlens …

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