3D display


Magnetic Slims Bezels for 3D Videowall

by Tom Allen

Magnetic 3D has produced a super-narrow bezel, glasses-free 3D display for use in videowalls. The ‘Empreza’ is a 46″ LCD display using a direct-LED backlight, lenticular 3D lens (also called Empreza) and a 5.9mm …

Tags:3D display| Autostereo 3D| Large Display Monitor| Video Walls| Vol 22 - Issue 05

Izon Aids Creation of AS3D Mobiles

by Tom Allen

US-based Izon has licensed its own glasses-free 3D technology to W.A. Howell & Associates of California, to be used in¬†healthcare software development for portable medical devices, such as tablets and mobile phones. Comment The …

Tags:2D-3D conversion| 3D| 3D display| Large Display Monitor| Smartphones| Stream TV| tablets| Vol 22 - Issue 05

CVision 3D Running Kickstarter Campaign for Mobile 3D Displays

by Helen Vince

3D Displays – CVision 3D (Shenzhen, Taipei, and Los Angeles) has launched a kickstarter campaign to raise $20K to further the development of 3D displays for use in smartphones and tablets. As of November …

Tags:3D display| Mobile Display Monitor| Parallax Barrier Displays| Vol 21 - Issue 45