Leia Shows Off new Holographic Display

Leia 3d display

Last year we reported on a new type of display presented by David Fattal. The display uses a diffracting light guide to create 3D images floating in space. This report from my colleague Matt Brennesholtz explains how the display, which was developed at HP Labs, functions. After the company spun out of HP Labs as Lei, it has been working on the technology.

Last year the company was showing static images, but at this year’s 4YFN at MWC in Barcelona the company showed a working prototype based on a standard LCD. This enabled the technology to not only show full color images, but also to show addressable images and video.

3D Display from Leia – Source: MIT Technology Review

The technology creates images for discrete viewing directions that allow you to see a 3D view from various angles with the use of 3D glasses. This display is created by changing only one component in the display. While the technology sacrifices some resolution for the 3D effect, mobile displays have reached such high resolutions that users may not even notice.

The technology seems to be ready for future deployment, even though real “Princess Leia” holographic messages may still take some time to record. – NH