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Eizo Surgical Monitor Supports Passive S3D

by Bob Raikes

Eizo has a new monitor in its CuratOR range for surgical use. The EX3141-3D is a 31.1″ UltraHD IPS monitor with 450 cd/m² of output and supports 3D operation for use in 3D endoscopy. …

Tags:3D display| Eizo| Large Display Monitor| Medical| Vol 25 - Issue 40

The Looking Glass Lightfield / Volumetric Monitor

by Arthur Berman

The Looking Glass monitor combines lightfield and volumetric technologies within a single new type of display. Multiple viewers can see and interact with the virtual 3D imagery without the need for glasses or a …

Tags:3D display| Autostereo 3D| Vol 25 - Issue 32

3D Display Round up

by Chris Chinnock

Coretronics was in the i-Zone with a near-to-eye light field display. The idea is to create a multi-focal plane display to avoid conflicts with vergence and accommodation. This approach can also use a microlens …

Tags:3D display| Autostereo 3D| Large Display Monitor| Light Field Displays| Mobile Display Monitor| SID Display Week 2018| Vol 25 - Issue 21

izone booth1 IMG 6272

Display Week iZone Highlights

by Steve Sechrist

This was a record breaking year for the iZone at the annual Society for Information Display Display Week. Launched just seven years ago, the innovation Zone or iZone has grown to almost 50 booths …

Tags:3D display| display technology| Electrochromic Displays| Frame Sequential Colour| Large Display Monitor| Light Field Displays| MicroLED| Mobile Display Monitor| Novel Displays| Production Equipment| SID Display Week 2018| Vol 25 - Issue 21

3IT to Demo Projects at 2017 Summit

by Andrew Fenn

3IT will host an industry event in Berlin later this month. The 3IT Summit takes place on October 23rd and 24th. The company will be demonstrating its two primary projects, 3DinMed and M3D, as …

Tags:3D display| Back Panel| Germany| Large Display Monitor| Medical| Mobile Display Monitor| Vol 24 - Issue 37

New Technologies for 3D and More

by Matthew Brennesholtz

Two new technologies caught my eye recently, both related to 3D or 3D-like imaging. Both technologies are in the academic research stage, so don’t expect either one to have an impact on the display …

Tags:3D display| display technology| Metasurfaces| Vol 24 - Issue 27| Volumetric Displays

Provision Wins Drug Mart Deal for 3D Displays

by Bob Raikes

Provision Interactive Technologies of the USA said that it has done a deal to put its 3D Savings Center kiosks inside Discount Drug Mart stores around Ohio. The chain has 73 stores. As well …

Tags:3D display| Holographic Displays| Large Display Monitor| Retail| USA| Vol 24 - Issue 25

Schneider Continues Planar 3D Display Development

by Bob Raikes

Schneider Digital is a German company, based South of Munich, that was showing a dual LCD 3D display based on a design that was originally developed by Planar. Schneider works closely with Planar and …

Tags:3D display| Large Display Monitor| Laval Virtual 2016| Mobile Display Monitor| Virtual Reality| Vol 23 - Issue 12

Growing Educational 3D, the Organic Way

by Len Scrogan

I’ve noticed something interesting about educational institutions over the years. Usually, once they have researched, procured, and installed a showcase display environment, that’s the last you will hear about it. That’s explains why I …

Tags:3D Content Creation| 3D display| 3D software| Active Shutter 3D| Education| Passive 3D| Vol 22 - Issue 44

Apple’s PrimeSense Tech Turns 2D into 3D

by Tom Allen

An Apple patent, describing a method for rendering 2D images and video so that they appear 3D, has been discovered at the US Patent & Trade Office. According to Patently Apple, the effect is …

Tags:3D display| Apple| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Patents| Vol 22 - Issue 34