Leia Bolsters 3D Display IP with Strategic Philips Patent Acquisition

Leia has acquired over 500 foundational 3D display patents from Philips. This significantly expands Leia’s intellectual property portfolio as it aims to accelerate adoption of its proprietary Simulated Reality display tech.

Source: Leia

Leia’s patent holdings now exceed 1,500. The Philips patents provide crucial early innovations in stereoscopic displays that underpin the entire industry. By securing this influential portfolio, Leia can advance its mission of shifting displays from 2D to immersive 3D viewing. The company is actively licensing its tech to manufacturers and device makers looking to incorporate seamless 2D-3D switching.

Leia’s Simulated Reality uses multiple layered displays to create realistic 3D imaging without glasses. It works by projecting different images to each eye, mimicking depth perception. This acquisition comes after Leia purchased 3D technology company Dimenco. I

Leia is already seeing adoption in mobile, laptops, and other devices. Its partners include ZTE, Acer, and Asus. As Leia continues honing the user experience, its strengthened patent position provides runway to make glasses-free 3D ubiquitous across consumer and enterprise markets.