SVoD-only households booming

Ampere Analysis of the UK, which has a number of analysts from the previous Screen Digest that was taken over by IHS, said that the number of households globally that that only have SVOD is growing in every country studied, and the number of services that those households subscribe to is also growing, to an average of 2.5 services in the US, but 1.2 on average across Europe. Subscribers are typically aged 35 or below and males represent 53%.

The speed with which different countries are adopting SVOD is variable, with Italy and Spain growing by 17% percentage points in the last year, 14% in the Netherlands, Sweden and the US and 9% in the UK. At the other end of the range, France is just 7.7% percentage points up, and Poland 4.5%. The countries with the most penetration are the US, with 71%, Sweden with 53%, the UK at 42% and the Netherlands at 38%.

The country with the highest penetration of SVOD only is the US, with 10.4% while Denmark is just behind at 10%. The UK (3%) and France (1.8%) are the lowest in the ten markets surveyed.

Guy Bisson, Research Director at Ampere Analysis said: “SVoD-only homes are a growing and significant market segment across all markets, but perhaps more interesting is the growth in the bundling of multiple SVoD services by consumers. These DIY next-generation TV bundles look set to be a key driver for subscription TV in the coming years and an area that operators must embrace in order to remain competitive.”