Steljes Goes Under

Steljes, the distributor of brands including Epson and BenQ, has gone into administration. The company told CRN that it has been unable to service its overheads, following its separation from Smart (VividTouch from Steljes Makes a Big Impact).

“The administration was a required consequence of the business failing to meet the profit it needed to service, which was a consequence of us moving from a value to a volume model for our largest vendor Smart,” a representative told CRN.

The administration affects Steljes Limited, and buyers are now being sought. Other parts of the business, such as Steljes Rental, will not be affected.

Analyst Comment

This is, indeed, sad news. Steljes has been a well established distributor that was one of the significant factors in the strong development of the market for whiteboards and interactive display market in the UK. The relationship with Smart was always a big part of the Steljes business and there was bound to be pain on both sides when the deal came to an end. However, distribution is a brutal and unforgiving business. The VividTouch product was innovative, although new – I wonder if someone will pick that up? (BR)