Sony Prepares for the Future

Damien Weissenburger is a business director at Sony Professional, whom we have met before. We had a long discussion with him about Sony’s vision for the future when it comes to projectors – the Lifespace UX concept from IFA came up more than once!

Most of the roadblocks in the way of UltraHD have now been overcome., and it will be a major story going forward, he believes. Sony also believes that laser projection will be significant; the company is investing heavily in both technologies. According to Weissenburger, a third of Sony’s installation projector range is now made up of laser models. Unlike older units, there are “no compromises” in the quality of the image displayed.

Sony is keen to put modern interfaces on its installation projectors. Some 1920 x 1080 models, like the VPL-FHZ700L from Infocomm (Display Monitor Vol 21 No 24), already have DisplayPort and HDBaseT. In the future, UltraHD units – currently using HDMI – will also add these connection types, beginning with high-end models.

The Vision Presenter software (Display Monitor Vol 21 No 7) supports multi-source presentations on UltraHD displays. It was developed to handle the large amount of information that people receive and use today, such as videos, static images, presentations and websites. We should expect large rollouts soon, said Weissenburger.