Society for Information Display Announces 2023 Honors and Awards Winners

The Society for Information Display (SID) is pleased to announce the 2023 Honors and Awards winners, presented to those who have achieved outstanding innovations and have offered significant contributions to the display industry. The recipients are recognized for tremendous accomplishments that have furthered research, pushed the boundaries of discovery, and improved technology. The honorees will receive their awards in conjunction with SID’s annual Display Week in Los Angeles, California.

“These innovators serve as role models to all those connected to the electronic display and imaging technologies communities,” says Paul Drzaic, Chair of the SID Honors and Awards committee. “SID is pleased to honor and highlight the individuals, and their achievements, that have had remarkable impact on the electronic display industry and the products it produces.”

The following recipients are being honored for their significant achievements in both well-established and emerging technologies:

Karl Ferdinand Braun Prize

The Karl Ferdinand Braun Prize is awarded for outstanding technical achievement, which has also had substantial impact on the electronic display industry. The Braun Prize is SID’s most prestigious individual award, honoring those people who have pioneered the technologies underpinning commercial displays.

Hideo Hosono, Toshio Kamiya, and Kenji Nomura are winners of the Karl Ferdinand Braun Prize for their outstanding academic and industrial leadership in high-mobility amorphous oxide semiconductor technology, including pioneering work in materials, the development of high-quality FPDs incorporating a-IGZO TFTs, and sustained scientific and technical contributions to the society.

Jan Rajchman Prize

The Jan Rajchman Prize is awarded for outstanding scientific or technical contributions to electronic display technology. This award is open to academic achievement, in addition to notable technology developments that are recognized as groundbreaking in their field.

Tsuyoshi Sekitani is the recipient of the Jan Rajchman Prize for his pioneering research into flexible electronic devices, with fundamental contributions in organic electronics and transistors, plastic integrated circuits, and sensors for large-area and medical applications, as well as wearable and implantable electronics.

David Sarnoff Industrial Achievement Prize

The David Sarnoff Industrial Achievement Prize is conferred for major impact on the business of the electronic display industry, honoring those people whose leadership has shaped the current industry.

Jason Hartlove is the winner of the David Sarnoff Industrial Achievement Prize for his leadership in the development and large-scale commercial application of quantum-dot materials in electronic displays.

Peter Brody Prize

The Peter Brody Prize is awarded to researchers and engineers under the age of 40 who have made major technical or scientific contributions to electronic display technology.

Weiran Cao is the recipient of the Peter Brody Prize for his contributions to the development of OLED/QLED (QD-EL) displays with inkjet printing technology.

Slottow–Owaki Prize

The Slottow-Owaki Prize is awarded for outstanding contributions to the education and training of students and/or professionals in the field of electronic displays.

Xiao Wei Sun is the recipient of the Slottow–Owaki Prize for his sustained training of students and professionals for the flat-panel display industry in China and Southeast Asia.

Otto Schade Prize

The Otto Schade Prize is awarded for outstanding scientific or technical achievement in the image quality of electronic displays. It recognizes vision scientists, human factor engineers, and engineers whose efforts have led to major improvements in the visual quality of electronic displays.

Lorne Whitehead, Helge Seetzen, and Greg Ward are the recipients of the Otto Schade Prize for their pioneering work in exploring perceptual issues for the development of high-dynamic-range imaging in electronic displays.

Lewis and Beatrice Winner Award

The Lewis and Beatrice Winner Award is given for exceptional and sustained service to SID.

Helge Seetzen is the winner of the Lewis and Beatrice Winner Award for his sustained service to the society and its governance.