Opportunities at 2023 OLED Korea Conference

Opportunities to exhibit are available at UBI Research’s OLED Korea Conference, to be held in Korea from April 12-14, 2023, in the center of the OLED industry, providing information on the latest technology trends and future strategies of panel makers.

OLED KOREA begins with keynote presentations by Samsung Display and LG Display and there is a presentation on the development status of phosphorescent blue materials, which will be a game changer in the display industry.

In addition, the conference will focus on MicroOLED for AR /VR/MR and MicroLED related technologies to prepare for the metaverse.

Opportunity to Network Globally

OLED Korea provides a global network opportunity to exchange up-to-date information among companies, academia, and research institutes related to the display industry.

  • Market: UBI Research, Yole
  • Advanced display: Samsung Display, LG Display, JOLED
  • Emitting material: Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, UDC, EMNI
  • AR & microdisplays: LetinAR, APS Holdings, Oledon, PlayNitride, Chengdu Vistar Optoelectronics,  KOPTI,  Applied Materials
  • New technologies for OLED: Amorphyx, Simbeyond, Coherent

You can promote your company’s products and solutions by participating in the exhibition, and open up a business channel for your company by meeting OLED-related participants. UBI is offering promoting companies:

  • 2 Complimentary conference registrations for two days
  • Logo on Conference Book
  • Logo on Official Website
  • Logo on Promotional Materials
  • Five Minute Speaking Opportunity