SMI Tracking Helps Lufthansa Avoid ATC Disruptions

Lufthansa’s Daniel Stecher said that disruptions cost the world’s airlines $26 billion per year,Lufthansa Systems – the German IT provider aiming at the aviation industry – has chosen to use eye-tracking from SenoMotororic Instruments (SMI) to increase awareness of alerts.

Unseen on-screen alerts are a constant problem in the world of flight operations. These alerts will tell operators about risks such as turbulent weather, missing passengers and mechanical issues. Missed alerts can mean diverted flights and disruptions.

Lufthansa Systems has installed SMI’s remote eye tracking for use with its NetLine/Ops++ flight operations products, which is used by 31 of the company’s customer airlines worldwide. When the eye tracker detects that an alert has been on-screen for a set amount of time, but that a user has not looked at it, an additional notification will be sent to the user. For example, a sound or vibration through a wearable device.

In the longer term, SMI believes that the eye tracking data gathered will help to improve the effectiveness of next-generation operations control systems.

Analyst Comment

This move may be important for ATC display makers. (TA)