Sigmaintell Optimistic About OLED TV

Sigmaintell of China has released its forecast for OLED panels for TV applications, based on the recent investment announcements from LG Display. The firm points out that current manufacturing techniques are wasteful of material and it believes that more companies need to be involved to drive investment in improving the manufacturing efficiency and reduce cost. Although LG Display is the only supplier of OLEDs for TVs at the moment, there has been a big increase in the number of brands supplying OLED TVs, including Sony.

Analyst Comment

LG seems to be winning the battle against Samsung in the enthusiast market at the moment. However, that’s just a phase in a single battle and not the war! There is still a long way for LG Display to go and new materials and inkjet printing remain the key enablers of the market. As they have been for fifteen years or so! (BR)

Sigmaintell expects OLED TV Panel volumes to grow strongly, but remain a niche. Data:Sigmaintell. Image:Meko