Chinese TV Market Suffers in H1 2017

Sigmaintell released data on the Chinese TV market, including its ranking of the main brands over the first half of 2017. High panel pricing and the pressure on TV pricing have led to relatively restrained promotion of TVs by brands and this factor, combined with difficult conditions for consumer spending meant that the market dropped by 4.26 million to 21.91 million in the first half, down 16% on 2016.

The top six brands took 69% of the market and Skyworth, Hisense and TCL took 43% between them. However the result for the top six was down on last year, when they took 75.6%.

Sharp was the big winner with a rise in share from 1.8% to 7.4% as Foxconn drove volume into the market. Sigmaintell is concerned that the brand now has inventory, so it may be hard to maintain growth in the next six months. Internet brands had price pressure and short supply for three quarters and all, except Xiaomi, which was up 15%, suffered.

TPV is exploiting the Philips brand to try to balance a loss of orders from internet brands and saw its share grow from 3.3% to 4.8%.