SID Adds Automotive to 2015 Display Week

SID’s Display Week will run from 31st May to the 5th June in San Jose this year. New to the 2015 show will be the addition of vehicle displays. There will also be technical symposium sessions on topics ranging from technologies (OLED, ePaper, plasma) to applications (HD and UltraHD, signage, touch).

Additionally, SID has announced that the event’s keynote speeches will be presented by Dongsheng Li, CEO of TCL (‘The Booming Display Industry in China’) and Intel CEO Brian Krzanich (‘On the Era to Immersive Interactions’). There will also be multiple seminars, with speakers including Jennifer Colegrove of Touch Display Research; Koji Noguchi and Shinichi Komura of Japan Display; Vladimir Bulovic of MIT; and Scott Daly of Dolby Laboratories.